Volleyball Size & Dimensions (With Video Illustration)

Volleyball is counted as one of the most popular sports in the world. There are literally only 2 instruments and you can have a lot of fun with your friends playing this game. In order to have the best gaming experience, using the proper volleyball is crucial for both professional and recreational purposes.

If you are wondering why do you need the right volleyball size and why does it even matter? Well, the size of the volleyball ball is of great significance, just like the size of the volleyball court and volleyball net. As a player, you would only be able to play well and be convenient with it when the volleyball size resembles your capability and a few other factors that you need to discover.

In this article, we have explained the right volleyball size & dimension along with drawings & illustrations.

What is the Standard Volleyball size & Dimensions?

When we say the size of a standard volleyball ball or for beach volleyball, we mean it as the official-sized volleyball. To be specific, the standard volleyball size and dimension are divided into 4 parts.

The diameter of a standard volleyball is 8.39 feet that are 21.3 CM.

The circumference of the volleyball is 26.3 4 feet that are 67 CM.

The mass of the volleyball is 10oz which is 280 grams.

The pressure of the volleyball stands as 4.61psi, which is 31.8kPa.

The aforementioned size of the volleyball is appropriate for a certain group of age. The players of age 13 and above must choose the ball the size and dimension of which is mentioned above. But there is a certain range within which the size of the volleyball revolves. To know that, see the measurement.

Diameter- 20.7 to 21.3cm.

Circumference- 65 to 67cm.

Mass- 260 to 280g.

Pressure- 29.4 to 31.8kPa.

How to Choose The Right Volleyball Size For You?

Choosing the right volleyball is essential for players. When you go to a coach or a trainer, they would give you a volleyball of a certain size that would be appropriate for your kind of game. But when it’s time to purchase the volleyball for yourself and there is no such person who could guide you, you will consider the following factors before you choose it.

a. Your age.

Age plays a major role in choosing the right volleyball. Every age group has a certain parameter in the sense of the weight and size of the ball that has to be considered. Although there is no such difference in the size of the volleyballs, the weight matters. So while you go to purchase a volleyball for yourself, mention your age so they could hand over the right volleyball.

If you belong to the age group of 8 or under, an oversized but lightweight ball would be perfect for you. You need a ball weighing between 200 and 220 g.

If your age is between 8 and 12 then you need an official size volleyball, but it must be lightweight.

And the ones of age 13 and above could go with the official size and official weight of volleyball. The weight should stand in between 240 and 260 grams.

b. Level of your game.

If you are new to volleyball, your trainer would begin with the volleyball of lightweight and once you become convenient to it or become a seasoned player, he/she might recommend you try out the volleyball’s official size and official weight.


Age Volleyball Size
Ages 8 and under Oversized & Lightweight
Ages 8-12 Official Size & Lightweight
Ages 13 and up Official Size & Official Weight

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