European Shirt Size Chart & Conversion

Men’s European Shirt Size Chart, CM:

The Europeans are typically inclined toward dressing to perfection; they do dress to impress rather than dressing for comfort. When they go for comfort dressing, then they make it a point to make it prim and proper. Well, dressing is largely influenced by the way a person is brought up, their financial situation and their … Read more

UK T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion

UK T Shirt Size

Also known as ‘the medium for the message’, t-shirts have been actively present throughout the evolution of clothing. A T-shirt is synonymous to comfort in every sense.  From lightweight materials like cotton and linen to cashmere or woolen, they have a variety of styles and appearances. During the 1950s, white t-shirts were mostly worn by … Read more

▶Japan Shirt Size Chart & Conversion


Japanese weavers mostly used silk, ramie, cotton and hemp for creating different outfits. The most important piece of clothing which keeps our wardrobe occupied is the kimono and humble shirt. These shirts are fashionable and timeless. Men and women equally opt for this formal piece of clothing. In this article, we have tried to shade … Read more

▶Men’s T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion


T-shirts were originally worn as a form of undershirt, just like a vest. It was used by men with high laboring jobs where they could easily remove the uniform and continue working in the undershirt under extreme climatic conditions. As the fashion industry emerged towards a new era, men have started wearing t-shirts just as … Read more

Unisex T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion

Waist Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt

‘Gender equality’ is the most common phrase heard today. This has been a journey filled with turbulence from the Regency era, where women were merely raised to wed and continue the bloodline of that particular household. They were also expected to wear corsets with excruciating binds, an endless number of petticoats and veils on their … Read more

▶Women’s T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion

‘Men-inspired clothing’ has been a crucial feature in unleashing the inner potential of women and establishing their position in a patriarchal society. Since the end of World War II, women kept on changing the norms and standards, establishing empowerment. No, the path was definitely not an easy one but proved to be a success over … Read more

UK Shirt Size Chart & Conversion

UK Shirt Size Chart & Conversion

England is a place where style meets comfort. The British people are very practical; rather than following the trends, they dress according to the season. Looking classy and sharp is a must; lazing around in baggy or sweatpants (unless you are coming out of the gym) is not appreciated. The British people go by the … Read more

▶US Shirt Size Chart & Conversion

US Shirt Size Chart

The men and women living in the USA prefer cotton shirts during spring and summer and flannel shirts during the winter months over other materials. Flannel shirts are very common for country folks as they provide the right amount of warmth during the daytime. Clothing sizes generally refer to the labels tucked inside the collar … Read more

▶Women’s Shirt Size Chart & Conversion

High Point Of Shoulder = HPS Shoulder Neck point = SNP

Beauty comes in all sizes, but it is extremely crucial that you find the right size for the clothes you buy. Women’s clothing is often designed differently than men’s clothing and therefore needs its own sizing chart. The most common mistake that people make when buying clothes for themselves is not understanding their measurements and … Read more