Softball Measurements, Dimension And Weight

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The softball sport is relatively similar to that of baseball. But it does have some differences. The baseball pitch is larger than the softball, and therefore the bases and the fielders are closer to the apex of the home plate. The base of the game is faster in softball than in baseball. Besides these, the … Read more

Table Tennis Measurement

Table Tennis Table Measurements

Table tennis is a worldwide popular sport today and that was first originated in Victorian England. It was popular by the name “Ping pong” but later changed the name to “Table tennis,” and since then, it has been carried forward. It was a game practiced after dinner for the Victorians, but today it is a … Read more

Table Tennis Racket/Paddle Size & Measurements

Table Tennis paddle size & measurements net

Table Tennis Racket measurements and features The table tennis racket or the Ping Pong paddle is the major table tennis equipment. The table tennis ball and the table tennis bat combined make a pair with which the game is played. It has a specific standard dimension. Every table tennis racket is made of a particular … Read more

Lawn Tennis Measurements

Tennis Court Measurements

Tennis is one of the most famous worldwide Olympic sports played at every lane and lawn. Whether it is the 19th or the 20th century, Tennis has always been one of the popular games played indoors and outdoors. The origin of Tennis was from England. It all started on the lawn, and it made its … Read more