Unisex T-Shirt Size Chart & Conversion

‘Gender equality’ is the most common phrase heard today. This has been a journey filled with turbulence from the Regency era, where women were merely raised to wed and continue the bloodline of that particular household. They were also expected to wear corsets with excruciating binds, an endless number of petticoats and veils on their head.

Clothing has emerged in the direction of light, where men and women could choose their type of fashion rather than depending upon the society. Later in the 1960’s, the term ‘unisex’ came into consideration when the barrier between men and women, in terms of clothing, dissolved.

Unisex clothing can be best described as a type of clothing suitable for both genders. Women were not looked down upon when they chose a man’s jeans or t-shirt rather than adorning their versions of clothing while going out into society. And T-shirts were one of the very first clothing items which emerged as Unisex clothing. Not only the Women’s T-shirt but the Unisex T-Shirt also become immensely popular with times.

Unisex T-shirt is a different kind and comes in complete different sizes. Being a woman, If you just randomly pick a normal Men’s t-shirt and wear it according to your size, that would certainly not fit to your body for sure. Here comes the importance of knowing the Unisex T-Shirt sizes.

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Here, in this post, we have categorically explained the Unisex T-Shirt sizing system, how they work, and illustrated it with a sizing chart for your better understanding.

But before we move forward, let us throw some light on the ways of measuring a unisex t-shirt.

Unisex T-Shirt Measurements & Size Chart Guide

Want to find your perfect Unisex T-shirt size? Here is the measuring Guide

Unisex t-shirts are measured in a familiar way, with the help of a measuring tape. One need not be precise while measuring the body if he/she chooses loose-fitted clothes. However, the measurement of shoulder and sleeves has to be a bit prominent.

In case of a shoulder, one must make sure the seam should not go above the curve of the shoulder while meeting the arm. It might go below the shoulder joint if one prefers a loose, oversized t-shirt.

Shoulders Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt Shoulders Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt

The measurement of the torso varies from man to woman, as we all know. This measurement should be done properly in order to maintain the correct fit. It should not be too loose nor too tight.

Waist Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt

The hips and sleeve measurements should also be done correctly to maintain an eye-pleasing look altogether. The sleeves should not be too long and end at the wrist, in case of a long-sleeved unisex t-shirt.

Cuff width – Short Sleeve Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt Sleeve Length Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt

High Point Of Shoulder = HPS Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt Front Length From SNP Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt Cuff width – Short Sleeve Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt  Bottom Hem Width Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt Armhole Straight Measurement of Unisex T-Shirt

International Unisex T-Shirt Size Chart With Conversion US<>UK<>AU<>EU

Unisex t-shirts have gained immense popularity worldwide. Men and women have chosen unisex t-shirts as their go-to clothing. In order to purchase a t-shirt from a European brand, one needs to know the sizes and the conversion according to his/her body measurements.

Let us go through the sizes and the conversion table that one needs to keep in mind while purchasing t-shirts from all over the world:

3XL 46-48 6 56-58 46-48 115-120 46-48
2XL 44-46 5 54-56 44-46 110-115 44-46
XL 42-44 4 52-54 42-44 105-110 42-44
L 40-42 3 50-52 40-42 100-105 40-42
M 38-40 2 48-50 38-40 95-100 38-40
S 36-38 1 46-48 36-38 90-95 36-38
XS 34 0 44 34 85 34


We will only deal with the US, UK and EU sizes from the above-mentioned chart.

If a person from the US, has a bust measurement of 41″, he should purchase the size L with the measurement of 50″-52″ from a EU based brand. The lettering system(S-M-L) may vary from place to place but the numbering system remains somewhat true to the charts provided.


Ideally, How Do Unisex T-Shirts Should Fit?

The fit of a unisex t-shirt is similar to any other t-shirt available in the market. One should make sure the shoulder, torso, length, sleeves and hips are aligned to the body measurements.

Unisex t-shirts are mostly worn loose; hence, the sizes should not make a big difference in choosing a t-shirt. One can buy a t-shirt true to his/her body measurement or choose a larger size; it’s totally up to them.

Unisex Sizing vs. Men’s Sizing

Unisex t-shirt sizes are mostly similar to men’s t-shirts sizes. They mostly have a straight shape like men’s t-shirt. A man buying a unisex t-shirt might not even feel the difference in case of fitting but a woman might.
They do not flatter the curves of women and are mostly rectangular. The shoulder and the hips are aligned, providing a whole lot of room for the tummy and torso. They do not have a curve near the waist like most women’s clothing.


Typical Chest Measurements

The chest measurements of unisex t-shirts are as follows:

3XL 46-48 114-118
2XL 44-46 110-114
XL 42-44 106-110
L 40-42 102-106
M 38-40 98-102
S 36-38 94-96
XS 34-36 90-94
XXS 32 86

In order to become more precise regarding the chest measurement, one must refer to the chart given above. For example, if a person has a chest measurement of 44″, he should refer to the size 2XL.

The sleeve measurement of a long-sleeved unisex t-shirt are as follows:

Long Sleeve Unisex T-shirt Size Chart

Unisex Long Sleeve T-shirt Product Specs
Size/Chest (in) XXXL/46 XXL/44 XL/42 L/40 M/38 S/36 XS/34
Length 29 28 27 26 25
Width 46 44 42 40 38


How Unisex T-Shirt Size Varies from Women T-shirt Sizes? 

Women’s t-shirts are usually designed to fit their curves properly. The waist section is a bit shrunken in order to accentuate her smaller waist, which gives an illusion of a wider bust and hips.

On the other hand, a unisex t-shirt is mostly straight in its cut and does not hug the curves properly. For example, a unisex t-shirt in size XS, has a bust measurement of 34″-36″ and a waist measurement of 27″-29″. Whereas, a woman’s t-shirt in the same size (XS) has a bust measurement of 32″-33″ and a waist measurement of 24″-25″, which is automatically 2 inches shorter than the unisex size.

CHEST IN INCHES 45 – 48″ 42 – 45″ 40 – 42″ 38 – 40″ 36 – 38″ 34 – 36″
HIPS IN INCHES 48 – 52″ 44 – 48″ 41 – 44″ 39 – 41″ 37 – 39″ 35 – 37″
WAIST IN INCHES 40 – 44″ 36 – 40″ 33 – 36″ 31 – 33″ 29 – 31″ 27 – 29″


CHEST IN INCHES 42 – 43″ 40 – 41″ 38 – 39″ 36 – 37″ 34 – 35″ 32 – 33″
HIPS IN INCHES 46 – 47″ 44 – 45″ 40 – 43″ 38 – 39″ 36 – 37″ 34 – 35″
WAIST IN INCHES 36 – 37″ 34 – 35″ 30 – 33″ 28 – 30″ 26 – 27″ 24 – 25″


How to Select the Right Size T-Shirt for Your Body Type?

Selecting the right clothing is an intricate matter which mostly, requires a different opinion altogether. It is always not about body types and sizes; it’s also about highlighting the flattering areas of one’s body.

Unisex clothing is an utterly different sphere. It is mostly like oversized men’s clothing, fit for all. It does not require any precision as to which body type should wear which particular t-shirt. From triangular-shaped bodies to hourglass-shaped, unisex t-shirts look flattering on all body types.

Men and women with a bulky or pear-shaped body might opt for a bit loose t-shirt, leaving a centimeter’s gap near the stomach area to make room for the tummy and hips. This will definitely be their comfort clothing if it’s oversized.

On the other hand, lean men and women with hourglass-shaped body might go for body-hugging t-shirts.

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