Badminton Net Size: Measurement & Mounting Guide

Earlier known as Poona, this racquet sport, badminton is the development of British India. It is derived from the game shuttlecock and battledore, after the evolvement of which badminton became a summer Olympic sport played over a span of four years. In this play, the shuttlecock is hit by the racquets and passed over the badminton net and the Badminton Net Size has to be the standard one. These are played in singles and doubles. When it is played in singles only two players are involved who stand facing each other, and when played in doubles total of four players participate, two players per side.

Badminton is a casual outdoor game played on a field or on an indoor court. The fun in the game is a player has to hit the shuttlecock(made of a feather or plastic) and hit it on the other side of the court and make sure they do not hit it back. When the opponent fails to hit the shuttlecock one point is earned by the other player.

Playing the game might seem easy when played informally, but it involves quite a few technicalities regarding the badminton net, the racquet, the shuttlecock, and the rules of the game. Setting up the badminton court is one of the essential tasks about which we will learn in the content.

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How high a Badminton Net should Mount?

The standard badminton net mounds at a height of 5’1” (1.55 m) at both the edges but it measures 5’0″ (1.52m) at the center of the court.

Badminton net dimensions in feet

  • Total width: 20 ft
  • Total height at the posts: 5 ft 1 inch
  • Total height at the center: 5 ft
  • Net height: 2 ft 6 inch

Badminton net dimensions in meters

  • Total width: 6.1 meters
  • Total height at the posts: 1.55 meters
  • Total height at the center: 1.524 meters
  • Net height: 0.76 meters

Badminton Net Size

What’s the Difference Between a Badminton Net and a Tennis Court?

You must have seen a different game being played on a single court. Through this, people comprehend that a single court is of multiple uses but little do they notice the adjustments. The platform of the game might be the same but the setup of the feel is different. Similarly, badminton and tennis could be played on the same court but with a different setup, although it doesn’t happen because of some differences.

a. The Tennis courts are larger than the badminton court. The badminton net dimension is different from the Tennis net dimension.

b. The badminton court is designed as an indoor setup, whereas the Tennis is played in an outdoor setup.

c. In tennis the net is slower, whereas is in badminton the net is higher.

d. In badminton lighter racquets are used. On the other hand in tennis games the rackets are heavy.

e. In badminton, the standard width of the net is 20 feet, whereas the width of the Tennis net is 27 feet.

Even if badminton could be played on a tennis court since a dog Badminton World Federation is working in such a setting, but Tennis could never be played on a badminton court. Tennis requires a larger place than badminton. The court of the terrace game is nearly 1.5 times larger than the badminton court. So here is the major difference between a badminton court and a Tennis Court lies which depends on the dimensions of the court and the net.

What are the Types of Badminton Nets?

The badminton net is one of the quintessential elements of the game. It creates a barrier between the two opponents and divides the code into two even halves. There is a specific measurement of badminton net that is followed in every formal game played at a national state or international level. Any error in the badminton net could create a hindrance in the game. One player might not be able to hit the shuttlecock to the opponent court site, it could even get stuck on the net, so it is essential to use a good badminton net and set it up with the standard dimension.

There exist different kinds of badminton net used in the game, here are some of the options that you could avail.

  • Bolder portable net.
  • East Point badminton net.
  • Mavis Laven portable badminton net.
  • Vermont badminton net.
  • Kikilive badminton net.
  • Park and sun badminton net.
  • MacGregor economy net.

The aforementioned badminton nets are some of the best badminton nets with different kinds of features like imported aluminum, weatherproof, multipurpose net, mesh body, no tools required, and many others which are definitely a plus point for the users.

What is the Proper Net Size for Your Badminton Game?

In the badminton game, the net size plays a major role. While mounting the net on the post for badminton, one must be aware of the technicalities and the standard badminton net dimensions, badminton racket dimensions, and furthermore the mounting process. Before you know about the process better you learn about the proper next size of your Badminton game.

Standard badminton net size.

  1. The total width of the badminton net must be 20 feet which are 6.1 m.
  2. The entire height of the badminton net must be 5.1 feet which are 1.55 m.
  3. The height of the net must not be more than 2 feet 6 inches which is 0.76 meters.
  4. The total height of the net at the center of the badminton court must not exceed 5 feet which are 1.524 in meters.
  5. The top of the net has a white tape that must be 2 feet 16 inches.
  6. The thickness of the net mesh must be around 9 /16 feet or 13/16 feet.

This is the standard size of the badminton net while you purchase the badminton net make sure the dimension resembles the ones mentioned above.

What is the Standard Badminton Net Mount Guide?

Mounting the badminton net to the post need to be accurately done or else that the size of the badminton net would do nothing. The net needs the support of the post so it doesn’t come off while playing or if it gets hit by any shuttlecock. So besides the badminton net, keep your focus on the post as well. Here are a few of the things to consider:

a. Whilst mounting the net, the post must stand vertical so the height remains particular.

b. No matter how badminton is played in singles or doubles the post must be placed on the double sidelines.

Often mistakes are seen in a badminton court so while you do it make sure you have the following things in mind and then tense the net with the badminton post.


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