Volleyball Net Measurements, Height And Mounting Guide

Volleyball sport has variations, and so has the volleyball net height. The original volleyball net height when it was invented in 1800 by William G Morgan was 6 feet 6 inches. During the 1800s, only men used to play Volleyball, but as time passed, women had equal participation in it, and then a standard change in the net height of the Volleyball was encountered.

A volleyball net is a knitted mesh mounted above the centerline of the volleyball court. It is mounted to the two posts of the volleyball court.

The governing body of Volleyball-FIVB has regulated the standard height of the volleyball net. It is different for men and women. The net’s height is further divided as per the age of the players. Every age group has a certain standard net height for Volleyball and so is based on gender. Besides these, the different disciplines of the sport like beach volleyball, coed, and sitting impact the net height of the Volleyball.

We have covered the standard net height and mounting guide for all disciplines here categorically so that you have a fair understanding of Volleyball Net Measurements and how high a Volleyball Net should be mounted.

How High is a Volleyball Net Should Mount?

A volleyball net has a specific height that we discussed in the latter paragraph. But since it is about mounting the net to the posts, then it should be at the height of 1.25 m-1.42 m from the ground. The distance between the net and the ground must be within the aforementioned range.

Volleyball Net Length and Width,  Size, Height And Mounting Guide Illustration

Volleyball Net Dimensions In Feet

The length of the standard volleyball net is 32 feet and its width is approximately 3 feet.

Volleyball Net Size In Meters

In meters, the volleyball net is sized at 9.8m and 1m in length and breadth respectively.

The FIVB has regulated the net height of Volleyball for men and women differently. Let us look at the volleyball net height chart and understand the specified heights.

Men Volleyball Net Height.

As per the standard regulation, the height of the volleyball net must be 7 ft. 11 5/8 inches at the center area of the net and when it is near the posts, the net height must be 8ft 3/8 inches. But the height varies when it comes to age specifications.

  • Between the ages 55 – 69, the players should play at a net height of 7 ft. and 9 5/8 inches at the center of the net. The height of the net at the sides should not exceed 7ft and 10 3/8inches.
  • The men’s volleyball net height for ages more than 70 is 7 ft and 6 inches when at the center. And at the posts, the height is 7ft 10 3/4 inches.
  • The boys who are under the age of 13 (11-12) should play at the volleyball court the net height of which is 7ft and 7ft 3/4 inches at the center and at the sides respectively. And the same is for the junior players of age below 10.

Women Volleyball Net Height.

The typical net height for the women is set as 7ft 4 1/8inches and 8ft 3/8inches at the center and sides of the net respectively. But it doesn’t remain the same for women of all age groups. The net heights are different for different ages. To know yours, follow the chart.

  • At the age of 10, or below 10, the players are considered juniors. Therefore, the net height for the specified age group at the center of the net is 6ft and 6inches and 6ft 6 3/4 inches at the sides.
  • The girls between the age of 11 and 12, can easily play on a net of height 7ft at the center of the net. And the net height near the posts is 7ft 3/4 inches.
  • The women who have crossed the age of 45 can play at the volleyball of net height 7ft 2 1/8 inches and 7ft 2 7/8 inches on the center and on the sides.


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Volleyball Net Height For Kids

The volleyball net height for kids is not the same for the boys and the girls. The boys have a separate volleyball net and the girls have their own. Just like the standard height for men and women the volleyball net height for girls and boys has also been categorized according to age group. You might also refer to the youth boys volleyball net height chart to see the variations.

Volleyball Net Height: Younger Players.

The boys, whose ages 11 and 12, could play in the volleyball net, which has a height of 7 feet. And same goes for the boys who are under the age of 10. The boys of age 13 and 14 play Volleyball, the net height of which is 7 feet 4 1/8 inches. At the age of 13, they hit puberty and begin getting taller day by day; this is why, as they move forward to become a teenager, the height of the volleyball net is also increased.

Now that we know about the volleyball net height for boys, let us move to the standard height for the girls. The girls of age 10 or under must start playing Volleyball which has a net height of 6 feet 6 3/4 inches. And the girl of ages 11 and 12 must play at 7 feet net height of Volleyball. Likewise, the volleyball net height of the girls aged 13 and 14 would find 7 feet 4 1/8 inches volleyball net height convenient for them.

volleyball net Dimensions

Volleyball Net Height: Beach Volleyball.

If you are expecting the beach volleyball net height to be different from that of the net height indoors, then you must know that there is no such observable difference between the volleyball net height of the beach and the indoors. Both for the men and women, the standard height of the volleyball net remains to be the same as 7 feet 11 5/8 inches and 7 feet 4 1/8 inches, respectively.

Since beach volleyball is played over the sand surface, the mounting of the net on the volleyball post must be measured, but do not expect it to be in the aforementioned measurement.

Sitting Volleyball Net Heights.

Sitting volleyball is an interesting version of the volleyball sport. It is one of the variations that maintains the sport standard. The court in sitting volleyball is sized at 10* 6 meters. And when the males play it, the net height is 3. 77 feet and for the women 3.4 feet.

How to Measure The Volleyball Net Height accurately? Step by step procedures:

The measuring process of the volleyball net is simple, but you need to know the specific steps for it. It will help you get the right measurement.

a. First, you need a net chain. With this instrument, it will be easy for you to measure the volleyball net.

b. Before you start measuring the net, make sure it is mounted well to the post. The two ends must be tied to the post at an equal height from the court.

c. Begin with the center of the net and then move to the post.

d. Measure the center of the volleyball net using the net chain. And then move to measure the net at the right side and vice versa.


a. When you measure the net height of the volleyball on a beach, take the measurement from the sand ranked level.

b. While measuring the height from the grass volleyball court, always hold the measuring instrument from the ground and not above the grass blade.

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