Softball Measurements, Dimension And Weight

The softball sport is relatively similar to that of baseball. But it does have some differences. The baseball pitch is larger than the softball, and therefore the bases and the fielders are closer to the apex of the home plate. The base of the game is faster in softball than in baseball.

Besides these, the softball ball is way larger than the baseball. But every softball is not the same. They are available in different sizes and mass.

What is the Standard Size of a Softball?

The size of a baseball is measured in circumference and diameter.

The diameter of the softball is 3.8 inches.

The circumference of the softball can range between 11 to 16 inches.

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What is the Mass of a Softball?

The mass of the softball can be between 6.25 – 7 Oz.

Mass Weight of Softball in Gram.

As regulated, the softball can weigh between 177- 179 g.

What are the Different Types of Softball?

Softball varies according to the game. Different types of softball are standardized for fast pitch softball, slow-pitch softball, and Chicago ball (part of the slow pitch softball). For each of them, three different-sized balls are designated. These three different kinds of balls are the three different sizes of softball.

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A. 11-inch Softball:

The 11 inch is the circumference of the specific softball. It is two inches larger than that of the baseball. The fielders need to wear gloves while using the 11-inch softball. Although the softball literally means that the ball would be soft, this isn’t the case. Rather the 11-inch softball is hard, and therefore the fielders wear gloves.

The pitchers have a lot to do with the 11-inch softball to ensure it is hit hard. The 11-inch softball is used in fast pitch softball.

B. 12 inch softball.

Unlike the stiffness of the 11-inch softball, the 12-inch ball is softer. Although the ball is soft, the fielders wear gloves.

If compared with the 11-inch ball, the 12-inch softball is a little softer and bigger in size; still, it reduces the game’s speed. The fielders find it harder to throw as it finally results in the soft move. The lesser the ball speed, the easier it is for the batters to score runs.

The 12-inch softball is considered the standard ball size used in slow-pitch softball.

C. 16 inch softball.

The 16-inch softball is widely popular in New York Metropolitan cities and Chicago. The fielders need not wear any gloves while playing with 16-inch softballs. Compared to the 11 and 12 in softball, 16 inches of football is way softer. But because of its large size, it cannot travel much distance.

The 16-inch softball boosts the speed of the game but might bring down the energy and power.

These are the three major types of softball used for the different slow pitch and fast pitch softball.

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