Baseball Measurements, Dimensions & Weight

Baseball is a bat and ball sport. It is played on a diamond-shaped pitch with 9 players on each team. In this game, the bowler of the opposing team throws the baseball at the batter. He/she tries to hit the baseball with the bat and score runs.

Ball of the baseball is one of the essential sports equipment for the game. It is a rubber ball covered with cowhide, horsehide, or leather. It has a standard shape and size stated by its governing body “World Baseball Softball Confederation“.

Baseball Measurements:

The size and weight of the baseball are under regulation. As per the stated regulation, the circumference of the baseball should be between 9 – and 9 1/4 inches. The diameter of the baseball must be within 2 55/64 – 2 15/16 inches.

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Different Types of Baseball

Baseball has its variations. It has its own types. The points that create the variations in the usage and level of the game. The higher the level, the professional or the hardball would be used. Similarly, amateurs or practitioners would probably play with safe balls like soft baseball.

  • Ordinary baseball

Ordinary baseball is also known as hard baseball used in Japan in Major League baseball. This kind of baseball is used in High Schools. It is the ball material that makes it hard and ordinary.

  • Rubber baseball

Rubber baseball is also known as Japanese rubber baseball. It is used in school before high school.

  • Soft baseball

Soft baseball as it means is a softball made with polyurethane(PU). The amateur players must adopt soft baseball to prevent any injuries. This baseball is soft and it doesn’t lead to major fatalities. It is appropriate for indoor baseball. Players generally use soft baseball while fielding training and batting training.

Standard dimension of the baseball in cm.

  • The circumference of the ball must range between 22.9 – 23.5 cm.
  • The diameter of the ball can be between 7.3 cm – 7.5 cm.

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How Much Does a Baseball Weigh?

As per the rule, a baseball weighs in the range of 142 g to 149 g.

What is the Durability of a Base Ball?

A baseball can last from 7 to 8 pitches. The durability of the baseball depends largely on the material used to manufacture the ball. If the outer layer of the baseball is covered with traditional leather, it ensures a secure grip and durability. But the baseball with the synthetic coating is not as long-lasting as the leather one and therefore it is less durable.

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