▶US Shirt Size Chart & Conversion

US Shirt Size Chart

The men and women living in the USA prefer cotton shirts during spring and summer and flannel shirts during the winter months over other materials. Flannel shirts are very common for country folks as they provide the right amount of warmth during the daytime. Clothing sizes generally refer to the labels tucked inside the collar … Read more

Philippines Shoe Size Charts: Conversion & Measurements for Men, Women & Kids

The Philippines is one of the Asian countries which adopted most of its cultural behavior from first world countries as mejorities of the Philippines population isChristan. When it comes to the shoe size measurements, The Philippines uses the same measurement unit as the US. So if you are shopping outside Philippines, you can simply rely … Read more

Turkey Shoe Size Charts: Conversion & Measurements for Men, Women & Kids

In this dedicated post, we have categorically listed Turkey Shoe size chart measurements and conversion for men, women, Baby (pre-walking), Toddler, Young kids, and Older kids compared to UK, AU, Japan & US (which basically is the same). We have covered the FOOT LENGTH (MM) as well. Have a look at: International Shoe Size Conversion Chart … Read more