Badminton Court Size: Measurement and Dimensions Guide

Badminton is one such game that interests every age group and is played indoor and outdoor. But the professionals play at an enclosed rectangular area which is called the badminton court. This rectangular court is the only place to learn badminton professionally and play it keeping the rules in mind.
Badminton is not just an activity in your background but a sport played in the Summer Olympics. There exist a certain set of rules and strategies applied while playing the game, so learning about the in and out of the game would be a reference to you while you watch the game or play by yourself.

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What is a Badminton court and Why is it important?

Playing badminton on a badminton court is a professional way of playing. Although people typically consider it as an outdoor game and play on any field nearby, the authentic form of badminton is played indoors on a rectangular surface area known as a badminton court.

The badminton court is a rectangular area diverged into two halves by the badminton net. It is centered in the badminton court with the standard size as per the rule of the game. A single badminton court could be used for a single and double game. While setting up the court and structuring it, it is so done that it could be utilized for both kinds of games whether played by a single( two players engaged) or double(four players engaged).

When the game would be of singles, the badminton court is shrunk to an extent and then accordingly released when it is set for doubles. The badminton court is further divided into the service court- right service court and left service court divided by a centerline. It has a long service line for doubles long service line for singles and back boundary lines for both doubles and singles. Similarly, it has sidelines for doubles and singles as well that could not be crossed by the players if they do, they are out of the game.

To make it more clear here is the standard Badminton court size and here how it is adjusted as for the necessity.

Badminton Court Size & Measurements

Summary Table of Badminton Court Measurements

Court Type & Category Length Width Area
Singles Court 44 feet 17 feet 748 square feet
Singles Service 15 feet 6 inches 8 feet 6 inches 131.75 square feet
Doubles Court 44 feet 20 feet 880 square feet
Doubles Service 13 feet 10 feet 130 square feet
Net 2 feet 5.9 inches 20 feet 89.93 square feet
Pole 5 feet 1 inch N/A N/A
Line N/A 1.57 inches N/A

Standard Badminton Court Size (For single and double game)

The governing body(Badminton World Federation) sets up the rules for the court size of the badminton. They determine the standard Badminton Court size and what would be its height and length when played in singles and doubles.

The Height and Length of a Standard Badminton Court are 20 feet and 44 feet respectively for doubles and mixed doubles games whereas, singles badminton court stands at 17 feet wide and 44 feet long.

Badminton Court Size in Feet and Meters

The standard length of a badminton court is 44 feet, which in meters comes to 13.41 m. The length of the badminton court is fixed, it is not subjected to any alteration on any condition.

The width of the badminton court is subjected to modification. The standard width of a badminton court, when played in doubles, is 20 feet which are 6.1 m wide. Similarly, when played by singles, it is shrunk by 1.5 feet on both sides that stand like 17 feet, 5.18 m.

The service Court of the badminton court is marked with the centerline that divides the width of the court. Using a short service line the service codes are divided at a distance of 6.6 feet which is1.98 m.

The service Court of the singles is 15 feet 6 inches by length and 8 feet 6 inches by width.

Similarly, the service code for the doubles has a length of 13 feet and a width of 10 feet.

What are the Dimensions of a Badminton Net in Feet?

The standard badminton net dimension is variable in nature and therefore subject to modification accordingly. It changes when played in singles and changes again when played in doubles. But usually, the net height is fixed for the Doubles but when played by singles it is just contracted.

The total badminton net height is 5.1 feet that stand at 1.55 m right at the edge of the poles and it stands a bit lower at the middle of the court at 1.524m. On which the size of the net is 2.6 feet including the white tape above and below that stands to be 0.76 m. In the measurement, the thickness of the mesh is 9/16 ft and the white tape is measured at 2 15/16 ft.

  • Net weight at the edge near the pole – 1.55m
  • Net height at the center of the court = 1.524m

How High is a Badminton Net Should Be Mounted?

Mounting the badminton net is a crucial step that requires to be accurately executed or else the gaming rules are not applicable. There is a proper way of mounting the badminton net and there are mistakes as well that are encountered but we want you to be correct. Here are a few of the guidelines that you need to consider while mounting the net in the badminton court and post.

a. The badminton post must stand vertical while mounting the net.

b. It must be of height 5 feet from the surface of the badminton court.

c. The post must be fixed on the double sidelines whether or not it is played for singles as well

d. Locate the right spot and mount the net to the exact elasticity it must not be too close-knit or too lax.

e. The white tape with cord and the thickness of the match must be according to the rule.

How Thick is the Lines on a Badminton Court?

Boundaries of the badminton court known as a sideline for doubles, sideline for singles, long service lines, back boundary lines are the white lines drawn with the thickness of 1.57 which is 40 mm.

So next time when you draw the badminton court on a field of yours by the side of your residence you could use it as a reference and could set up a professional badminton court if space allows.

Indoor Badminton Court size 

  • Badminton court Width: 17’-20′ – 5.18-6.1 m
  • Badminton Court Length: 44’ – 13.41 m
  • Area: 880 ft2 – 81.75 m2
  • Badminton Width (Full/Doubles): 20’ – 6.1 m
  • Width (Singles): 17’ – 5.18 m
  • Clearance: 2’ – 0.61 m around full perimeter
  • Badminton Net height end: 5’1″ – 155 cm high
  • Badminton Net Height Middle: 5′ – 1.52m high
  • Badminton service area Length: 13″ – 3.96 m
  • Badminton service are width: 8.5″ – 2.59m

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