Lawn Tennis Net Size: Height & Mounting Guide

A professional player would only be able to excel on a tennis court if the Tennis net size, measurement and mounted at a standard height. The ITF (International Tennis Federation) has fixed a standard tennis net height, along with standard tennis court dimensions and official lawn tennis ball size & dimensions.

The entire tennis game is based on how high or at what height a tennis court is mounted. Any proper mounting of the tennis net can break the game and disturb the player. So being an essential part of the tennis game, it must be mounted at an appropriate height.

How High is a Tennis Net Should Mount?

If we consider a standard tennis court with a dimension of 78x 27 feet, then as per the court size, the net should be mounted at the height of 3 feet (0.91m). The net must be tied to two posts of the tennis court heightened 3.6 feet (1.07m). The doubles matches is usually played on the standard tennis court with the before said net mounting.

But when the singles play, the dimension of the court contracts. And as per the calculation, the height of the net remains the same.

Lawn Tennis Net Size: Height & Mounting Guide Illustration

Tennis Net Dimensions In Feet

The standard size of a Tennis net is 3 feet 6 inches at the end of the poles. And the middle of the net is of height 3 feet.

Tennis Net Dimensions In Meters

As per the standard rules of the International Tennis Federation, the dimension of the Tennis must be 1.07m on the post and 0.19m at the center.

Lawn Tennis Net Size: Height & Mounting Guide

What are the Types of Tennis Nets?

If you go out in the market to search for a tennis net, they would give you a range of options to choose from. Your choice depends on factors like durability, portability, and price. Your tennis net requirement assesses whether you need a portable tennis net, a twisted tennis net, or a braided one. To make the decision easier, we have gone through each type.

a. Twisted tennis net.

Twisted tennis nets are used in indoor games and in localities where children play together. The twisted ones are economical and cheaper than the other nets. However, they are less durable. It absorbs less energy from the ball and bounces back far away from the court. To sum it up, a twisted tennis net is not an appropriate net for professional tournaments. It becomes difficult for the players when the ball is pushed away further from the sideline. And most importantly it needs to be replaced frequently.

Due to its disadvantages, the professional tournament disregards the twisted tennis net. But it is good if you have a low budget.

b. Braided net.

Braided nets are always better than twisted net since it absorbs more energy. It is suitable for professional matches. But it is further classified into two types of the net- single braided and double braided.

1. Single braided net.

The single braided net is made with polyester and polyethylene. These materials make the braided nets suitable and protect them from harsh UV rays. Its structural composition absorbs the energy of the tennis netball hit and keeps it close to the net.

It has no such consequences or disadvantages but the double braided nets are definitely better than the single one.

2. Double braided net.

You will not find much of a difference in the single braided and double braided net features, but the double braided is much more expensive than the single net. It is because more materials are needed to braid the net. Compared to the single braided net, it does absorb much more energy as it has an extra layer of the net that provides double protection. It makes sure the ball doesn’t bounce back with much punch.

The single braided or the double braided nets are appropriate for professional tennis games. Having said that it is more expensive than the twisted one.

c. Portable tennis net.

Unlike the traditional tennis net, a portable one is a good substitute for the other professional’s nets. It is portable in nature so you can carry it wherever you wish. If you are on vacation to a beach, you can carry it there and play. It is flexible in nature and therefore goes well with every kind of tennis court surfaces.

However, it is not as durable as the braided tennis net, but it is definitely cheaper.

What is the Proper Net Size for Your Tennis Game?

The International Tennis Federation (ITF), the governing body of world tennis, sets up laws that are followed by every tennis game. They have set a standard tennis net size. No professional tennis game can go against the law and do the proceedings. If done it is regarded as an informal or unprofessional tennis team which is often played at indoor courts and beaches while playing with friends and family.

But for professional tournaments of tennis or any other competitive level game, all tennis associations abide by the law and follow the measurement or size of the Tennis net.

Standard tennis net size.

The standard tennis net size is 42 inches that stand to be 12.8m in length and the height of a standard tennis net is 3 feet.

What is the Standard Tennis Net Mount Guide?

Mounting a Tennis net on the tennis post has many step-by-step methods. You need to go through the exact calculator method for mounting the Tennis net on the post. Here we have summed up the process and listed it down below.

a. Mount the net of height 3.6 inches on the post. It must be above 24 inches from the ground.

b. For singles, the net length should be 33 inches and for the Doubles, it should be 42 inches.

c. Wind the net, until it reaches 3 inches above the court at the center.

This is the usual process of mounting the net and the calculated assessment of the same.

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