Dog Door Size Chart : Recommend Sizing Guide By Breed & Weight

Wondering how to get the right door for your dog, isn’t going to help. But exploring the ways of knowing the best fit for your dog might do the work. When you are sure that you need a dog door for your lovely pet, you must be searching on the internet. Seeing the different size charts might confuse you a bit, but there is nothing to be confused about. You just need to know the right process of measuring your dog’s size so you could use the Dog Door Size Charts available as a reference and pick the right one.

We have a few of the charts lined up below based on certain factors. Refer to the charts after knowing how to know the size of the door perfect for your dog.

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How Do you Find the Perfect Door Size for Your Dog?

You would find the pet door size chart based on different factors like breed, shoulder, width, height, and weight. It doesn’t get every measurement of your dog, anyone or two would be enough. Therefore, you must learn first to measure your dog, so you could pick up the right size of the door.

1. Measure the width of your dog.

The best way to measure the width of your pet, open the door of your house, and make your dog pass through the gap. The space your dog needs to pass through is the width of your dog. Make sure your pet faces no difficulty while passing through the door opening, neither should it be too wobbly. The width will be the exact space or the door opening your dog or any pet needs to work through comfortably, absolute compression, and expansion.

Take a ruler or tape and measure the space of the door opening. It is the accurate size using which you could find the perfect dog for your lovely pet.

The major reason behind not allowing the dog to be much comfortable in getting out of the door is to prevent any other pet if you have more than one in your house to get out of it uncomfortably. It is better to measure the size of the pets in your house and accordingly to the size of your dog. Start measuring with the tallest and the widest pet in your house and then you could measure the other ones. This would make sure that the tallest pet has no difficulty passing through the door.

If there is any difficulty to make your pet pass through the door opening then you could use some treats as well.

2. Measure the height of your dog.

Measuring the height of your dog is not completing rather it is quite easy. Make the tallest pet of your house stand in an upright position. Take a tape, touch it on the ground and hold it straight up to the shoulder and not to the head. Many dog owners take the measurement by considering the height to the head of the bet but the accurate way of measuring it would be till the shoulder. The count you get on the tape whether in cm or inches is the height of your dog.

3. Measure the weight of your dog.

Simply measure the weight of your beloved pet using the weight machine.

Dog Door Size Chart By Breed

Dog Door SizeDog

 Door Dimensions

Suitable Breed


6” x 7”

Cats, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Pomeranian, Maltese, Papillon


8” x 15”

Beagle, Pekingese, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, Dachshund


10” x 19”

Labrador, Boxer, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Bulldog, Doberman


12” x 23”

Irish Wolfhound, Great Pyrenees, St. Bernard, Rottweiler, Old English Sheepdog, Great Dane

 Things to consider while purchasing dogs door.

Now that you have learned to measure the size of your dog so you could find the right door for your dog, it’s time to consider a few things before you invest.

a. You must know the breed of your dog. If you have any confusion, you could refer to the specialist or take help from any other to know in which category does your pet falls. For example, if it is a Beagle within a width of 6 to 8 inches then it could be a tall medium size. Whereas if it is a Labrador with a dimension of 10*19 inches, should get the dog in L size.

b. Consider the flap height and the step-over height is you are considering to buy sliding glass door.

To let your pet pass through the door easily without any discomfort you need to make sure that the step-over height is low. Too much height could bring an invite to the accidents and your pet might injure their head as well. Therefore it must be seen that the flap height and the step-over height maintain a ratio of 4:1. And most importantly the height of your dog’s shoulder and the height of the flap of the door must have a minimum of 1 inches gap.

Dog Door Size Chart By Width, Shoulder Height & Weight

Size Passage Opening Rough Opening Tip to Tip Pet Width Pet Shoulder Height* Pet Weight
Small 5 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ 7 3/8″ x 9 3/8″ 8 3/8″ x 10 3/8″ Up to 4″ Up to 7″ Very small cats up to 8 lbs.
Small Medium 6 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ 8 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ 9 9/16″ x 12 9/16″ 3″-5″ 9″-13″ Most cats, small dogs 6-12 lbs.
Tall Small Medium 6 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ 8 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ 9 9/16″ x 15 3/8″ 3″-5″ 12″-15″ Small, tall dogs 12-25 lbs.
Medium 8 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ 10 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ 11 9/16″ x 15 3/8″ 6″-8″ 12″-15″ Dogs 10-35 lbs.
Tall Medium 8 1/2″ x 16″ 10 1/2″ x 18″ 11 9/16″ x 19 1/16″ 6″-8″ 15″-20″ Tall Dogs 30-45 lbs.
Large 11″ x 16″ 13″ x 18″ 14 1/16″ x 19 1/16″ 8″-10″ 15″-20″ Dogs 40-55 lbs.
Tall Large 11″ x 19 1/2″ 13″ x 21 5/8″ 14 1/16″ x 22 9/16″ 8″-10″ 21″-24″ Taller Dogs 50-95 lbs.
Tall Large Plus 11″ x 23 1/2″ 13″ x 25 5/8″ 14 1/16″ x 26 9/16″ 8″-10″ 25″-27″ Tall slender dogs to 110 lbs.
Extra Tall Large 11″ x 27 1/2″ 13″ x 29 5/8″ 14 1/16″ x 30 9/16″ 8″-10″ 24″-31″ Very tall, slender dogs to 120 lbs.
Extra Large 14″ x 19 1/2″ 16″ x 21 5/8″ 17 1/16″ x 22 9/16″ 11″-13″ 22″-24″ Large dogs to 120 lbs.
Extra Large Plus 14″ x 23 1/2″ 16″ x 25 5/8″ 17 1/16″ x 26 9/16″ 11″-13″ 25″-27″ Larger dogs to 150 lbs.
Giant 15 1/2″ x 27 1/2″ 17 5/8″ x 29 5/8″ 18 9/16″ x 30 9/16″ 12″-14″ 25″-31″ Most Giant Breeds
Note: All our size charts are guidelines.

Please do keep in mind Sizes may vary with brands, models and manufacturers. This is why, we can not guarantee that our size charts will always produce the exact right sizes. If you are a store or brand owner, feel free to reach us and we would list your sizing charts with the brand name.

Dog Door Size Chart By Width, Shoulder Height & Weight

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