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Nike Air Jordan 3 size chart.

The iconic Air Jordans fabricated by Nike and designed by Tinker Hatfield are quite talked-about sneakers. But whilst recognizing Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4, another brother Jordan 3 is overshadowed. But if it is tagged, it would be one of the best sneakers manufactured by Nike not only appropriate for NBA players but street stylers. The best lifestyle sneaker if you could ever have it must be the Nike Air Jordan 3 that has great features to offer such as amazing fit, highly comfortable to walk all day round, easily washable, and could be styled variably.

Few shoppers grumble about the size and its fitting, since the Air Jordan 3 seems narrow at the facade. But the plurality finds it true to its size that allows you to go with your regular size in sneakers of Nike unless your feet are wider than the usual. The best way to get the perfect fitting is to refer to the Jordan size chart for men, women, and kids.

How Do Air Jordan 3 Run in Size?

Besides any features, one thing that every shopper must keep an eye on to is its fitting. Only when it fits well, it provides basic comfort, so know the sizing and the fitting of the sneaker you are willing to get your hands on.

Since it is about the Air Jordan 3, it must be told that Jordan 3 runs true to its size. In fact, every year Jordan has provided the best fitting to its shoppers to date. Only the ones with wide feet had to go half a size or one size up.

How to Find Your Nike Air Jordan 3 Size?

There is no rocket science in the process of finding out the Nike Air Jordan 3. Only the size of your feet or the current shoe size would guide you to get your perfect fit in Air Jordan 3. But in the time when you have no Nike sneakers, and not the measurement of your feet as well, you could measure it by yourself.

Once you know the size of your feet or if you have any Nike sneakers that you wear, then by directly referring to the Air Jordan 3 size chart find your perfect fitting.

To measure your feet you need to gather some items such as a measuring tape or a measuring scale, 3 pairs of white pages, and a pencil.

After you finish your lunch, we are a pair of socks, and stand straight on the pages. To make sure that you are standing straight you could stand beside the wall to see whether you are parallel to it.

Ask someone to help you out in the process. Let them outline your feet. Repeat the process twice or thrice to get the accurate measurement.

Take your measuring scale or measuring tape and place it beside the lengthiest part of the sketch. One side covers the first toe finger and the heel.

Note down the measurement of all the times in a paper, and see how it resembles. If all three measurements are the same or similar, then there is no confusion. But if all the three measurements are different then measure it one more time and consider the closest measurement.

If it is in inches convert it in cm since the Nike Air Jordan 3 size chart for men, women, and kids are all displayed in cm.

Let us assume you are a woman, and you want to get your hands on Jordan 3 black cement from the Air Jordan collection. And after measuring your feet found it to be 22.5 CM. Refer streets to the Nike Air Jordan 3 women size chart, and go to column 22.5 CM.

According to your measurement, your perfect size would be 5.5in US size, 3 in UK size, 36 in European size. It is easy to find out the perfect size of yours. For more clarity, it is better to walk to your nearest store and check the size.

What is the Sizing Guide For Men’s Nike Air Jordan 3?

To achieve a perfect fit in your Nike Air Jordan 3 size, you need to follow the exact same process mentioned above. If you are a man and struggling to find the perfect size of yours that measure your feet first and get the measurement in cm. If you follow the men Air Jordan 3 shoe size chart, you will find 4 rows, three of which display the different measurements of countries and the other one is the row of CM.

Suppose, you have your eyes on the Air Jordan 3 Cool Grey release of 2007. You have found your feet measurement to be 26.5 CM. In such a case will require 7.5 sizes of Jordan 3, 8.5 in the US, and 42 in European size. Similarly if the regular Nike sneaker you wear sizes 10 in US size, then you should grab the same size that has 44 in European size and 9 in UK size. This is the sizing guide that must be followed by every man looking for Nike Air Jordan 3.

What are the Kid’s Sizes in Nike Air Jordan 3 Shoes?

Nike has a separate size chart for the kids and big youth. For such kids, there is different kind of Nike Air Jordan 3 shoes and chart. The process of finding the right size is exactly the same.

You go to the big kids and youth Air Jordan 3 size chart, and look for your size. If your feet size happens to be 22.4, then you would probably need 4.5Y in US size, 4 in UK size, and 36.5 in European size.

How the Nike Size Conversion Chart is Practical?

If you are a woman, but wants to purchase the shoes from the men section, you need to follow the size conversion chart to get your perfect fitting since the size for men and women are different.

In this case, you need to refer to both the chart of men and women in Air Jordan 3. Now find the size of your feet in both charts.

For example, your usual size of feet is 24 CM and therefore you wear 7 in US size. But since you are wishing to get something from the men’s section, you wondering if anything would fit. Now look at the men’s size chart and find the size of your feet. It is 24 and therefore in men section your size would be 6 in US size, 5.5 in UK size and 38.5 in European size.

Through this, we could sum up, that men’s size runs one size smaller than the women’s. If the men’s size is 8, then the woman wears 9 in their section of shoes. So, this is how the conversion happens and you could find it out accordingly.



Jordan Size Chart For Men (10) (11) (12) (13)/Women’s Sizes (4) (5)/Kids Sizes 3.5-6/Shoe Size Conversion Chart



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