Pointe Shoe Size Chart: Conversion & Measurements For Men, Women & Kids

Finding the pointe shoe for the dancers is not as easy as picking up any regular shoes. The pointe shoes are for the dancers for ballet. It fits around the foot of the dancers, so there is no room for any growth. If the pointe shoe doesn’t fit the dancer well, it could be an initiation to the risk and the intensity would be quite high. So while choosing the pointe shoe, the dancer must be careful about the size and its fitting. It is expected to be a snug fit so, the foot and ankle are properly supported. Any space in the shoe more than the actual size of the foot would be highly scary; therefore, a Pointe Shoe Size Chart chart is essential so it could guide you through the process.

How to Find the Perfect Fit for the Pointe Shoes?

Measuring the shoe size for the pointe shoes is not that difficult, but considering some points might be. Let us first know the process of measuring the size of the shoe in the metric system.

  • Take a plain sheet, and put your barefoot on it.
  • Place your foot at a perpendicular angle and lean on your toes.
  • Ask someone to outline the foot with a pencil.
  • Now take a measuring ruler and measure the distance between the projecting point of the heel. Do it for both the feet to be accurate and precise with the size. Going for a size bigger would not be the perfect fit; therefore, repeat the same process for both the foot and see if it resembles.

Write down the measurement in the metric system or mm and then refer to the pointe shoe size chart.

The size chart has variations according to the countries like the UK, US. You could put the number on the chart and see the size of the show that would fit you.

Pointe Shoe Size Chart With Conversion & Measurement











Tiffany, Aria, Cambré, Airess, Donatella, Developpé, Ava
205 31,5 3-3,5
210 32 3,5-4 2 2 4
215 33 4-4,5 2,5 4.5
220 34 5 3 3 5
225 334,5 5,5 3,5 5.5
230 35 6 4 4 6
235 36 6,5 4,5 6.5
240 37 7 5 5 7
245 37,5 7,5 5,5 7.5
250 38 8 6 6 8
255 39 8,5 6,5 8.5
260 40 9 7 7 9
265 40,5 9,5 7,5 9.5
270 41 10 8 8 10
275 42 10,5 8,5 10.5
280 43 11 9 9 11


Note: All our size charts are guidelines.

Please do keep in mind Sizes may vary with brands, models and manufacturers. This is why, we can not guarantee that our size charts will always produce the exact right sizes. If you are a store or brand owner, feel free to reach us and we would list your sizing charts with the brand name.
Pointe Shoe Size Chart With Conversion & Measurement

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