Dog Muzzle Size Chart: Recommend Sizing Guide By Breed & Weigh

Get the right fit dog muzzle for your pet, and to get it correct, measure the mouth of the dog properly. Many might mistake it by calculating only the circumference of the mouth. But the circumference is not enough, proper measurement considers the eye line, length, width of the snout, and a few others feature as well. Calculation and balance of each of the components can get you are right dog muzzle perfect for your pet.

One must remember, the formula of one-size-fits-all is a complete myth here. The variance in the breed, size of the snout, age of the pup, weight of the pup make the muzzle size different. If you have a dog, you must be specific about the breed, the age, and the weight of the pup and only then you could refer to the dog muzzle size chart. Before anything, learn to measure the dog muzzle size.

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How to Measure Dog Muzzle Size?

The best and the simplest way of finding out the muzzle size fit for your dog is to measure of few points of your dog.

1. Measure the length of the distance between the eye and the nose.

2. Measure the circumference of the snout. Take the tape, place it 1 inch below the eye and wrap it around. The distance is the circumference.

Now add the two values and find out the total. If your pet is small in size, then add one-fourth or half an inch to the total to make it comfortable and not fitting. If your dog is big in size, then consider adding half an inch or a full inch to the submission.

You could also find out which size would fit your dog best by seeing the breed and the weight. The chart is given below to help you understand which size would be the best for your pet. Use the measuring method, and we can ensure you find the right-sized either the occlusion or the basket type muzzle for your dog.

Dog Muzzle Size Chart According to Snout Length & Circumference

Size Approx. Weight of Dog

Example Breeds (Avg. sized adults)

Snout Length
#1 10 to 15 lbs Bischon Frise, Dachshund, Miniature Pinscher, Large Chihuahua, Jack Russell
2.5″ to 3″
5.5″ to 8″
#2 12 to 25 lbs Border Terrier, Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, Small Beagle, Miniature Poodle, Sheltie
3″ to 3.75
7.5″ to 9.75″
#3 25 to 45 lbs Border Collie, Large Beagle, Corgi, Viszla, Standard Poodle
3.5″ to 4.25″
8.5″ to 11.5″
#4 40 to 65 lbs Springer Spaniel, Dalmatian, Pointers, Small Pit Bull, Cattle Dog
4″ to 4.75″
10″ to 13″
#5 60 to 90 lbs Labrador, Golden Retriever, Doberman, German Shepherd, Greyhound, Weimaraner, Husky, Large Pit Bull, Boxer 4″ to 5.5″ 11″ to 14″
#6 80 to 150 lbs Great Dane, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, X-Large Pit Bull, Large German Shepherd
4″ to 6.5″
12.5″ to 15.5″
Note: All our size charts are guidelines.

Please do keep in mind Sizes may vary with brands, models and manufacturers. This is why, we can not guarantee that our size charts will always produce the exact right sizes. If you are a store or brand owner, feel free to reach us and we would list your sizing charts with the brand name.
Dog Muzzle Size Chart According to Snout Length & Circumference

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